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Which file formats does Printulu accept?
Which file formats does Printulu accept?

Supplying your print artwork in the correct format is a crucial element in printing a beautiful end product.

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Printulian Friendly Formats include:

  • PDF

  • Jpeg

  • PNG

  • TIFF

Printulian Feared Formats include:

  • Illustrator open file (.ai, .eps, .svg)

  • Indesign open file (.indd)

  • Photoshop open file (.psd)

  • CorelDRAW open file (.cdr)

  • Word, Powerpoint or Excel Files (A saved pdf version is acceptable but will be RGB)

  • Publisher

  • Pages

  • Numbers

Open files will never be accepted due to the fact that these files tend to move elements around when opened by a different user.

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