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Canva Setup

The basic guide on how to optimise your canva design for printing

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Step 1: File setup

Create a design button > Custom Size > Enter the ordered size of the product > Design your product.

Step 2: Save with Bleed

  1. Select Share (Top Right)

  2. Select Download in the drop-down menu

  3. File Type PDF Print

  4. Select Crop Marks & Bleed

  5. Select Flatten PDF

  6. Select colour Profile CMYK (For Paid users only)

  7. Select Download

Step 3: Convert to CMYK (Non-paying Canva Users)

Unfortunately, Canva is a digital design studio which means it works in RGB colour Mode. You will now need to convert your artwork to CMYK before uploading it to your printulu order. You can upload your artwork here and follow the onscreen prompts.

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