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What book sizes do you print?
What book sizes do you print?
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Our standard offerings cover the sizes of the most popular books in South Africa.
The sizes we can offer depend on the binding method needed as there are limitations to how large or how small a book can be.
All book products can be produced in the following ISO standard sizes:
- B4 (353x250mm)
- B5 (250x176mm)
- B6 (176x125mm)
- A4 (297x210mm)
- A5 (210x148mm)
- A6 (148x105mm)
- DL (210x99mm)
Slight variations of the above sizes can also be done as custom orders. Larger than B4 or smaller than A6 are also possible depending on the binding method, orientation, and page count. If you are uncertain if we can produce your required size, please send us an email and we will prepare a custom quote for you.

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