Where to get your artwork size

If you don't know what size your artwork is.

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Depending on what computer you've got, your standard PDF viewer might differ. For those with Foxit PhantomPDF (if you don’t have it, you'll easily download a free trial online), an equivalent procedure applies as in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Simply open your file, then either manually attend File Properties or simply press Ctrl+D.


Before you opt to put your order, confirm that your artwork includes the required safety margins and bleed. Artwork files that already include bleed will always have slightly larger dimensions (+0.6cm in breadth and +0.6cm in height) than the ultimate product, which is normal! For instance, if you would like business cards within the dimension 9x5cm, your artwork file’s dimensions should be 9.6x5.6cm, which incorporates a bleed of 0.3cm on all sides of the cardboard. Similarly, if you notice that your card artwork file has the size 9.6x5.6cm, it means you would like to order the quality card format 9x5cm.

To check whether your artwork files include bleed, you'll need to ask your designer.


Open pdf with free Adobe pdf viewer (normally just double click the .pdf)

When open, hit keys ctrl+d to open doc properties and check the info there

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