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How does Savetulu for Resellers Work
How does Savetulu for Resellers Work

The Savetulu for Resellers program explained in a nutshell.

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The Savetulu for Resellers program is, simply put, a spend vs reward program. The more you spend, the bigger your rewards. You will be required to pay a once-off registration fee in order for us to process this for you. Once-off as in never to be repeated, you DO NOT pay annually. This is an extremely small investment that you can make up with a few orders.


• Your Printulu Loyalty tier is determined by the Printulu Loyalty Points (PLP’s) accumulated during the previous year.

• Earn 1 Printulu Loyalty Point (PLP) for every R1 worth of products purchased at Printulu.


Once you have paid & registered, you will; receive an email promoting you to book a training session. Your discount will be activated during the training session. Once you have been loaded onto the system, you can then get a live discounted rate in your basket. It's really that easy. This means you can offer your clients more competitive rates instantly.

Here is an example of how the Savetulu program discount will be applied:


• Printulu points are given once orders have been invoiced.

• A client’s spending for the Printulu Loyalty Programme starts at the beginning of every new calendar year (10 January). Printulu loyalty points are revised annually.

• Excess Points, depending on the tier, are carried over to the new year.

Points are based on one account with one email address.

• Spend after 16 December 2022 might only reflect in your account in January 2023.


• Track your spending in your profile (Revenue - Refund / Partial Credit / Reprints order Do not apply). Only points for 1 order count.

• We will inform you of your next tier level accordingly once it is reached.


If you choose Loyalty Standard your accumulated points earned 2021 will determine your tier level

(e.g. If your spend during 2021 was R 90 000, you will start on the Emerald Tier)


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